Our casting service offers you as a performer a professional and clean presentation for your auditions, on-camera monologues or overall body of work.

Whether you are using this service on your own or have been sent to us by your agent, you have the option to pay for your session on either a per-visit basis, or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan that offers you unlimited sessions and considerable savings. The decision is up to you and should be based on how often you are called for auditions. If you consider yourself a busy, working actor, the monthly or annual plan will most likely make the most sense to you economically.

Using the service is easy:

  1. Pay and reserve your audition time online by simply clicking here.
  2. Arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes prior to your reserved time slot. (PLEASE NOTE: Special circumstances may arise when certain auditions are due back to your agent in an extremely urgent fashion, so please be punctual with your time and plan accordingly.)
  3. We suggest you bring your own reader to the audition. Also, please remember to bring an extra copy of your sides for them. If you do not have a reader available, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to provide one for you.
  4. Present your Proof-Of-Membership (receipt of payment) upon check-in.
  5. Be prepared to provide us with your name, representation and the role you are reading for so your session can be labeled correctly.
  6. In order to save you time, please come to the taping fully prepared with your dialogue memorized, fully dressed and ready to go. Sessions are typically 10 minutes in length and if you feel you need extra time to prepare, you may be asked to return to the waiting area so we can stay on schedule with the other actors who are next to be seen.

If you would like to be coached during your session, please note that an additional fee may apply. A complete list of our memberships and fees are listed below:

Individuals Sessions $35 $45  
Monthly Subscription
(This is an annual membership billed monthly)
$45 $55
Features unlimited sessions per month
Annual Membership
(This is a one-time, annual fee paid in advance)
$375 $495
Features unlimited sessions per year and over 30%savings
On-Camera Monologues
(Up to 2 Monologues per session)
$55 $65  
Performance Reels* $100 (1-10 min in length)
$150 (11-20 min in length)
*Actor must provide editor with all of the footage and information they would like to include on their reel. Most reels take approximately 7-10 days for completion.