Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Production Media Group Casting Service?

Our casting service has been designed to offer talent agents the opportunity to present actors to casting directors and clients with incredible ease, speed and flexibility. All sessions are filmed HD in a professionally-lit studio, providing the highest quality results.

This service is perfect for agents who don’t have the time to tape, compile and edit a session and ideal for actors who are in need of a performance reel, on-camera monologues or need to be put on tape for that next big role.

How do I obtain a Proof-Of Membership?

When you pay for a session or subscribe to a monthly or annual membership, you will be prompted to print out your receipt of purchase at the end of your transaction. This receipt is your Proof-Of-Membership and must be presented at the time of your audition in order to be admitted. To become a member or pay for a session, click here.

Is there a fee for Agents, Casting Directors or Producers?

No, we are simply committed to producing quality auditions and on-camera performances for actors.

Do you get a percentage for jobs booked because
of this service?

No, we provide a tool designed to make it easier for you and your agent to book work. We charge only an up-front per session or flat monthly or annual fee to the actors who utilize this service.

I am a Talent Agent that represents performers.
Can I utilize your service?

Yes, we encourage representatives to use our service as a way of getting the best and highest quality performance out of your talent. Many talent agents currently use our service and refer their talent to us. We provide them with a clean, HD quality compilation of auditions that are branded with their agency logo and contain individually organized files by actor.

What is the On-Camera Monologue for Actors?

This is a piece we produce for you in our studio. We capture short monologues that you as an actor can use to give industry professionals a better sense of your performance skills and range—far more than they could garner through a mere headshot.

As an Actor, should I do more than one On-camera monologue?

Yes, we recommend that you prepare contrasting pieces which will show your range. For example, you might do one dramatic and one comedic monologue. Our base rate for On-Camera Monologues includes up to two different readings. Should you like to do more than two, additional fees apply.

I already have a reel, so what should I perform in the
On-Camera Monologue?

For performers that have an existing reel, we recommend using this piece to fill in any gaps that may exist in your reel. For performers without a reel, we recommend using this piece to show the wide range of talents you possess.

Do you save Auditions or On-Camera Monologues?

We will archive all auditions and on-camera monologues and save them for up to 30 days. At that time, they will be permanently deleted from our hard drive, so if it is something you wish to save, please make your own back-up copy from the file that we send you.